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Our Story

Synchrony Pharma was founded in 2008 with the vision of becoming a preferred partner in the development and commercialisation of generic injectable and speciality pharmaceutical products.

By 2010, Synchrony had achieved substantive UK domestic sales of several in-licensed pharmaceutical products. Concurrently, the business was developing a number of product candidates that would enable geographical expansion.

By 2013, Synchrony’s product dossiers were being approved and commercialised across the globe.

Today Synchrony exports to over 60 global territories, and, continues to build an innovative product pipeline.

In 2017, a number of speciality pharmaceutical product filings were submitted, which will address unmet medical need and fuel further expansion.

Our Approach

Synchrony seeks out opportunities in niche or speciality areas, often with unmet clinical need, low competition, and, early entry market advantage.

Synchrony builds high quality registration dossiers with reliable and low cost supply chains.

Synchrony maximises commercialisation opportunity by developing long term relationships with a global network of fast moving and dependable partners.

October 2020 Product Launch
Synchrony launch in the UK - Dexamethasone 10mg/ml & 20mg/ml oral solution

March 2020 Product Launch
Synchrony launch in the UK - Cyclizine 50mg/ml solution for injection

October 2019 Wave 12 tender award
We are pleased to announce several Synchrony products are awarded English volume

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The People

The Synchrony leadership team is built on a broad base of experience, expertise and high proven performance. Through our people we ensure our value set of integrity, customer focus and operational excellence is deployed in “everything we do”.

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