With vast commercial, technical and regulatory experience within the business, we are in an ideal position to develop, register and commercialise a wide range of products.

Hospital Injectables

Synchrony has a history of developing high quality generic injectable dossiers, often with early entry patent advantage with an emphasis on EU GMP.

Speciality Pharmacutical Range

There are several innovative products in an advanced stage of development, which will further extend our patient reach. These products are either novel formulations, or, are difficult to source/manufacture generics. For reasons of confidentiality these products are not disclosed below.

We encourage you to learn more about these exciting products by Contacting us.

Product Name Dosage Form Strength
Meropenem Powder for solution for infusion 500mg/1g
Zoledronic Acid Concentrate for infusion 4mg/5ml
Bortezomib Powder for solution for infusion 3.5mg
Pemetrexed Powder for solution for infusion 100mg/500mg
Magnesium Sulfate Solution for infusion 10% w/v
Magnesium Sulfate Solution for infusion 20% w/v
Labetalol Solution for injection 5mg/ml
Chlorphenamine Solution for injection 10mg/ml
Cyclizine Solution for injection 50mg/ml
Dexamethasone Oral Solution 10mg/ml
Dexamethasone Oral Solution 20mg/ml
Doxapram Solution for injection 20mg/ml